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Exo-Planet Kryos II


Zero Day Thanks

Well, another project expires within hours.  I try to give the Ideas Community something different, something truly original.  But it's the familliar (3rd party IP) that typically gets the most attention.  Maybe this will come back when I figure out some new dynamic to add.  But with less support than the original post, despite proper rendering and photography, I wouldn't bet on it.

Thanks to the supporters and followers.  Please look for other planet and non-planet projects to come.


Design Discrepancies

It has been made clear that simple screengrabs are unacceptable for proposals to be taken seriously.  Meanwhile, others won't support anything without actual photography.  While I see benefits to all three, some project elements do not yet exist; trans-blue plates in this case.  Thus, the observant reader will notice differences between the images posted; one cannot build with or photograph that which does not exist.  As I become more familiar with the required/preferred processes, the potential for these types of errors will reduce.  Thanks for your support and/or patience.  Remember, it's just an idea.

Also, the original metric measurement is erroneous.  It should read 150mm or 15cm.  My apologies.

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