Product Idea

Mermaid Lagoon

Somewhere in the middle of the ocean you will find Mermaid Lagoon...where a small island sits above an ancient treasure trove hidden inside a rock overhang. The treasure consists of gold and other precious gemstones which were lost in the sea and still remains hidden thanks to a flourishing coral reef growing around the island...

Here is my latest LEGO Ideas Project: Mermaid Lagoon 
I built this for my daughter's birthday and thought this might be a set others would want, so I decided to post here! 

Includes: 3 Mermaid Minifigures
Lots of Animals: Dolphin, Sea Tortoise, Crab, Eels, Fish, and Seagull 

Play Features:

Build and rearrange the different corals to create your own living reef system. Keep the treasure hidden under the island. Explore above and below the sea with an open concept design. 

The build uses approx. 2480 pieces and one tan baseplate 32x32

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