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Mission Apollo 17


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Everybody knows the first men on the Moon.
But do you know the last men on the Moon?


On December the 11th 1972 the crew of Apollo 17 landed on the Moon.
After 3 days doing experiments and collecting 110,4 kg stones they finally took off.
So far Eugene Cernan is the last human being who set his foot on the Moon.
You can find more information about the Apollo 17 mission here

Now whatsuptoday, GRusso & saabfan present you a collaborative project:

The Apollo 17 mission out of Lego!
Recreate the whole Apollo 17 Moon landing with all its features and glory.
Fly the flag of the United States.
Analyze the moon surface.
After that take a ride with the Moon buggy to explore the Moon landscape.
Finally it is time to say good bye to the Moon and fly back to Earth.

A promotion video can be found here.
Also make sure to check out all pictures in HD here.

The whole set includes:

  • The Lunar Module LM:
    The Lunar Module was the spacecraft which took Eugene Ellis and Harrison Schmitt to the Moon.
    It consists of the golden landing gear and the depart module.

    Our Lego version has 718 bricks and full interior with control devices, a seat and much more.
    On the exterior it has many moveable antennas, an exit door and a playability access to the inside.
    The landing gear is retractable and there is also some storage room for the
    Lunar Rover and research equipment.
  • The Control Module CM:
    The Control Module was a conical spacecraft which was attached to the Service Module. The astronauts where sitting in it during their voyage to the Moon.
    It was also the only spacecraft of the Apollo 17 mission that came back to the Earth.

    Our model has 527 bricks and includes seats for all three astronauts, dashboard with control computers, detailed interior with oxygen tanks, four playability access doors and open able entrance/exit port for the astronauts.
  • The Lunar Rover Vehicle LRC:
    The Moon buggy was intended for making excursions on the Moon.
    It also had a television camera.

    Our version is built out of 100 bricks and has working steering, two foldable seats for the astronauts, TV-camera, steering-joy-stick and holders for research devices.
  • The Service Module SM:
    The Service Module was attached to the CM.
    It was the spacecraft which took the crew in orbit around the Moon.

    Our version out of Lego pieces has 488 bricks.
    It can be attached to the CM.
    Furthermore it features a playability access to the technical area and film storage.
  • The crew:
    The crew members of Apollo 17 were the pilot of the Apollo spacecraft, Ronald Evans, who remained in orbit around the Moon, Eugene Cernan and Harrison H. Schmitt co-pilot of the Lunar Module, who was the first scientist to be part of a space mission of NASA.

    Our project includes five minifigures: all three astronauts in flying suits (in the CM) and Eugene Cernan+Harrison Schmitt in space suits (on the Moon Buggy)
  • The stand:
    Is built out of 288 bricks.
    You can put the CSM on it.
    It also includes a small piece of Moon surface with rocks and craters.
  • Information booklet:
    The set will also include a booklet with interesting informations about the Apollo 17 mission.


The entire project (stand+LM+CSM+LRC+minifigures) has 2084 bricks.
All parts are in minifigure-scale (1:40).

Of course it could be split into several projects. We're currently improving the set to reduce the piece count and make it more more affordable.
That will definitely be a subject of the upcoming updates.    :-)


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Special thanks to:
Edward, Damien & Eric from: Play-Well TEKnologies for help and support,
NASA for the great informations about Apollo17,
Matthew B. aka mmbace, for allowing us to use his great Lego design: Reliance Class US Coast Guard Cutter,
Alan Q. for many artistic advices and
The Sky Lab Mastering team for the realization of the video clip.


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