Product Idea

1 Mega-Watt - Wind Turbine

Hey my name is Fabian and i studied mechanical engineering at the university of applied science in Osnabrück, Germany. Actually, I'm working (suprise) in the wind turbine industry.

I was really disappointed in the wind turbine models, which you can find in actual lego sets. Thats the reason why i decided to build my own turbine. On the pictures you can see the final project.

I tried to build the wings of the turbine as close to the originals as i can. They are oriented on modern wind turbine.

If the lego-dude on the picture is 1.80 meters tall, the blades would be around 20 meters. A real turbine of this size produces by 10 meters per second wind 1 mega-watt.

Of course the blades can rotate about 360 degrees. ;)

In the machinehousing on the top of the tower you will find a small motor. With that motor it's possible to rotate the blades of the turbine automatically. I thought that could be great for all of you, who build citys or train-parks to make them more realistic.

Furthermore the machinehouse can also rotate about 360 degrees to catch wind form any site. Just like a real turbine.

The tower is build of 80 massiv bricks to stabilze the turbine.

On the bottom you will find the entrance for the lego maintenence-team. Inside is a small ladder and some computer stuff to control the turbine from the buttom.

Over all the turbine is build of just 400 bricks to make it less pricey.


That's it.


Have fun.