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Winter Soldier vs. Captain America: The Final Showdown


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Here's another Captain America: The Winter Soldier creation of mine!

It depicts the final duel in the movie. As Captain America is trying to insert the final computer chip into the Project Insight helicarrier in order to cause all three helicarriers to fire on one another, he is accosted by the Winter Soldier, formerly Bucky Barnes. As he reaches the station to insert the chip, he is shot by Bucky several times. His shield lost, the weakened Captain barely manages to insert the chip. As the ship is being destroyed, they fight hand to hand, and Bucky repeatedly punches the wounded Captain America in the face with his metal arm, but does not follow through with the final blow. Captain America falls into the Potomac River below, where he somehow survives and is rescued by Bucky, who now remembers his true identity.

At the center of the set is the station where Captain America can insert the computer chip. Catwalks lead up to this station. At the end of each catwalk is part of the glass dome at the bottom of the helicarrier. The glass can bend backward, allowing Captain America to fall into the water. Underneath it all is the bottom of the dome, with the black search sensors attached.

The set comes with minifigures for Captain America and the Winter Soldier.  If you like this set, please support it! Tell me about what could be improved in the comments section.

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