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Everdale Battlement

A great battle of godly measure. Weapons of power. All lost to this one temple. At its peak the light shone bright, and died on all hallows night. So beware children, as I tell you the tale, of the old battlement from Everdale. 
It was once a peaceful fishing village, enough space for a family or two. One day, the Everlandians came, and conquered for their own. Nothing could be measured to the rage the fisherman hold. The man left and went through the world. He built his own empire, enough to rival the Everlands. 
He hired the brightest of minds, the craziest of the crazy, the wisest of the wise, and built a weapon like no other. His weapon was powered by the gods themselves.
The fateful day had fate written all over it. The two collided, ripping the cosmos and the fabric of time apart. When the smoke cleared, the Everdale Battlement was no more, and so was his family.

He wept with sorrow, and collapsed onto the field. Flowers now dot the area he killed his own family and wife. For revenge is bitter, and will be your own demise. 

Why I built this:

I wished there was that one LEGO set right now that wasn't related to anything in the current lineup. Nothing movie related, nothing classic, nothing creator, just its own unique LEGO Set. This is when I came up with the Everdale Battlement. Nothing of its size nor design has ever been made at LEGO and I feel like this is what the company needs right now

Features of the Build:

Ocean Battlement
Fishing Village

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