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1959 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite



This is a mini fig scale of the classic 1959 Austin Healey Sprite. Nicknames the Bugeye in America and the Frogeye in Europe, this small roaster is a favorite of many and turns heads everywhere. It's unique happy face styling has been recreated here along with it's diminutive proportions in a six stud build wide build. The build is very simple and straight forward, but enjoyable nonetheless. Some of the features of this vehicle are as follows:

  • 133 pieces including mini fig
  • Realistic tailpipe on the proper side of the vehicle
  • Grey interior
  • Unique burgundy exterior with grey trim
  • Big round headlights that pop out of the bonnet like the real Bugeye
  • Angled taillights like the real vehicle
  • Small bumpers to match the original vehicle
  • black convertible top folded up

Attention was paid to recreating the original lines of the vehicle as well as ensuring the proportions for the front and back sections were in line with the real car on a reduced scale. This is true when the mini fig is in the cockpit showing the car is small, yet properly size on both ends. This would be a great inexpensive build that has a lot of character and is very playable.

Additional design notes:

I envisioned this as having the gas cap and trunk handle in the form of a printed piece or stickers. This was designed with LDD which does not have some of the latest bricks as a slightly curved under body in the rear is desired and can be had with the small upside down plate with bow 1 x 2 x 2 curved piece that has studs on the top. LDD also does not have the tailpipe piece. There is a small gray 4 stud length rubber pipe with a hole that I feel would look better in this position and may require a hook versus a lamp holder piece, however I believe it would still work with the lamp holder. The plate with holder piece, however, would allow for a little more ground clearance. Lastly, this would work well with the speed champion fenders reducing the side gaps that exist with the current fender option from LDD. I originally want to use a standard curved piece as the Bugeye does not have fender flares, however, the current wheel and bricks with bows do not allow for the right proportions such as the pieces used here. I think it looks great with the fenders and still highly recognizable. If anything the flare make it look more aggressive like a racing version.


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