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The Council of GrandMaster Forgers


Update & thanks

I have finally made a video for Nagrell. Sorry that it has taken so long to make.



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They continue…

After the disappearance of the Council, Ekimu decides that he wants to make a GrandMaster Forger, of the light element. Little did he know, Makuta had the same idea but using the element of darkness. Both the elements of Light and Darkness were the hardest to forge items with, not to mention that they are the most unstable of the elements to build with, unless you took proper care of the materials used.


Behind the Story

Hey guys, hoped you liked the lore behind the Council of GrandMaster Forgers. For some parts of their Lore and the building process, I made them have certain equipment and some had some pretty bad names, in my opinion, but I tried to make the element of each GrandMaster Forger different than the elements of the Toa. Also, I tried to make each GrandMaster a lot more powerful than the Toa and their “unlocked” powers(the Toa’s “unlocked” powers). I made each council to have a hammer and only one other piece of equipment. Well in the universe that I have created for my Mocs, the old Bionicle series is the “Old Universe”, which is actually a multiverse of universes which represents lego Herofactory, Bionicle, basically all the old constraction sets and their fan made universes that people have made, and the “New Universe”, which represents the new bionicle series, other new constraction sets and their fan made universes. For the Council, I have tried to apply all of my known building skills that I have learned. Also in this universe that I have made, the “Present” is actually far into the future, where civilization has advanced into cities, which house the descendants of the Toa and not. The “Past” is actually the time when the Toa came down to confront the skull spiders. The Council is actually the past selves of a group of people that have pure elements, that live in the “Present”. The “beings” in the Lore is really the Toa. Yes, the Toa, in my Universe were made by the Council and Ekimu, I thought it would make a lot of sense, well to me. Also the characters’ actions and how they react to things was a little inspired by my family members.


A piece of Lore

Their real purpose, Ekimu has kept from everyone, but after one thousand years, Ekimu sensed a great Evil arising. Wanting to be prepared for the coming evil, he worked with the Council to create six “beings” that almost rivaled the power of the Council. Ekimu kept Makuta from knowing it since Ekimu has used the Mask of Time and looked into the future(when Makuta becomes evil), but he could not see what it was that made him go over to the side of evil. Ekimu sensed the march of the Dark army that was approaching the hidden sanctuary but he didn’t know how they found it so quickly. In a desperate rush, he retrieved the Council and hurried them over to the capsules that contained the “beings” they have created. They put up a great defense against the Dark army, but they were eventually overwhelmed. Ekimu and Makuta both volunteered to keep defending the sanctuary while the Council did what they have prepared to do. The Council stood in their defined place and place their hammers into the grooves on the floor. Next you knew, their essence was transported into their respective elemental canister. After that happened, the six canisters shot into space and the Elemental Hammers shot out in boxes and went as far as the eye could see, except for one, the Blizzard Hammer. Ekimu and Makuta did managed to defeat the Dark army, with the help of their elemental masks and weapons that they have created. Whispered through the darkest of shadows and brightest of lights: “There will be six that had a past, yet they know nothing about it. They have power even greater than the biggest star ever in existence. They will reunite the “past” and “ present” and bring an end to all evil in the world.”



NaGrell, GrandMaster Forger of Nature

Patient and always understanding, this GrandMaster Forger grows and nurtures plants. He is the healer and food provider of the Council. But when it comes to fighting him, he’ll slice the air with his nurture blades in the air to create massive windstorms to finish you off. When he can’t use his nurture blades, he’s also equipped with a Vine hammer that can ensnare you with a thought. The vines might ensnare you but they are actually rich in vitamins. He is really hard to anger but when you do, you don’t want to be there, trust me. Claire was just chatting her head head off, which was annoying NaGrell to kingdom come, and she was sent into space on a roller coaster of plants(they were choking her but not enough to crush her windpipes). Whenever NaGrell says something, you better take his words seriously. This Being of nature is the second most powerful on the council, after Gordon.


Sorry about the wait

Sorry I haven't posted about not posting on time, don't you just hate procrastination. I have decided to post the pictures for the last GrandMaster Forger, NaGrell, up on my Flickr account. He is basically built the same way as all the other GrandMaster Forgers with the addition of his weapons and the little vine things on his feet. I have been thinking about changing his legs up. By the time that happens though, this project will probably be expired so I am going to post it on my Flickr account. Once again, I am very sorry about my inconsistency on uploading, that goes for both this and my Youtube account. The final bio for NaGrell will be uploaded very soon and a few other tidbits that are apart of their story.


Requil, GrandMaster Forger of Boulders

This GrandMaster Forger tends to love to explore, and has managed to escape from being seen hundreds of times. On her back, she carries a fold-out drill that she can control with her arm, if she wants, or just have it digging at stone, mindlessly. She does carry a Boulder hammer, which she does use, more often than her drill. She’s the most impatient on the Council and she often keeps getting lectured by NaGrell to try to be more patient. Ekimu has ordered the Council to stay in the hidden sanctuary he has made for them but she goes outside of the sanctuary, when she’s bored, to look for adventures. Requil likes to get down and dirty, digging in the ground, and uses her hands to dig when her drill breaks down.


Schlair, GrandMaster Forger of Liquids

   Don’t be fooled, Schlair is not of the female gender. He is equipped with armor that is very light but tough, despite its appearance. On his back, he has aqua jets that help him get around without being seen. He is also equipped with a Liquid hammer(no, it’s not actually made out of liquid), that when needed, can split and become a small companion/small drone that follows the target ,and shoots it, until it is told, by Schair, to stop and come back. Don’t mistake him for the GrandMaster Forger of Plasma, or a female, but when you do, he’ll create a tsunami to wipe that grin off your face. He cannot control liquids that are of the fire element, such as lava/ magma, fire, etc. He is a valuable member to the council, by continually opposing the rest of the Council’s decisions to make them come to a great decision.


Gordon, GrandMaster Forger of Earth

This GrandMaster Forger has the wisdom of the ages( past, present and future), yet he is reckless most of the time. His left arm was damaged beyond repair when he was forging armor for a wise and “special person”. Fortunate for him, Cryon was able to create a prosthetic arm, that when attached, would be attuned to the element that the wearer is tapped in to. Even the wisest of people could end up being reckless. He’s able to lift extreme weights but in order to stand his ground, he has an earth pack that can shoot out earth behind him to stop being pushed back.Although he is equipped with an Earth hammer, he prefers to use his fists.( He just really wants to do those epic cinematic punches to the face that are in the movies)


Claire, GrandMaster Forger of Plasma

        This elemental lady has the element of fire on her side and is always the hot-head of the group. Even though she’s equipped with a Plasma hammer, she prefers to use her plasma pack. The plasma pack is a cannon platform and a jetpack, that attaches to her back and can also fold out when she wants to go guns-ablazing. And finally, with her plasma pack, she can take out whole armies and drink something at the same time. She’s also the person on the council that is trigger happy. Also, she tends to be sassy a lot and throws tantrums if she doesn't get her way.