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The Council of GrandMaster Forgers


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    The Council of GrandMaster Forgers were a group of elemental armor/ mask forgers that were made by Ekimu and Makuta when the island of Okoto was new. The villagers and the protectors of each element knew nothing about them because Ekimu and Makuta kept them a secret from them. Both Ekimu and Makuta made a secret sanctuary, that only they know the location of, to hide the Council from those who would want to manipulate them into making powerful armor for the wicked. Together Ekimu and Makuta worked together and forged these beings and gave them life.( no, I mean by forging the pieces required to make their bodies) The Council of GrandMaster Forgers are also beings that are timeless and tapped, powerfully, into their respective element. Evil and armies of the “present” would be trembling with fear, if only they knew of their existence.


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