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The Hobbit: Attack On Rhosgobel


The Hobbit: Attack On Rhosgobel


Hey there fellow builders! Today I bring you my version of Rhosgobel, Radagast The Brown's house.

Located somewhere in the southwest borders of Mirkwood, lives the Radagast The Brown, a peaceful old wizard who has a love for plants, medicines and all animals.

I think this MOC would do well as a real LEGO product as it is just the right size, containing around 600 pcs. It was great fun designing, took a while to get the desired angels and decide what details to add to the interior but i'm very happy with the final outcome!

This set includes

Radagast The Brown, 2 Mirkwood Spiders, 2 frogs, 2 rats and 1 small spider.

Be sure to comment, I want to hear everything you have to say!

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Thanks for looking!

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