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Christmas(Holiday) Village

UPDATE: 1/26/2012 After some discussion and searching I have narrowed down a couple of theme's for my idea. 1. Dickens Village- Have Scooge and Marly, Tiny Tim, and other buildings from the book/era. 2. Santa's village- Have a couple of different workshops, town green, barn for reindeer, and Santa's house to name a few.

I have been setting up a christmas village ever since I was a kid. Over the years I went from the little felt buildings to making my own to what I have now, ceramic collectors. My boys have a mix of wooden/ceramic/plastic houses and use lego cars and people with it. Why not make a village out of legos. This could a great way to start a child on collecting. Every year the child gets a new building/car/other item that they build to add for next year. Some if it could even be animated like an ice skating pond, train or lights on the street or trees. There could even be different themes i.e. New England, Alps, London, Santas village. Buildings and accessories could even be modeled after real items.

I posted a pic of my kids village to give an idea. I will try to come up with some sort of mock up out of legos as well.

This is not on individual designs but more on a whole design concept.

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