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Small World: Roman Settlement

Create your own small world with this Roman Settlement 3-in-1 set.

Each of it's three build variants produces twelve 8x8 'world blocks' that can be freely arranged to create your own small world of Roman style buildings and parks. These world blocks are intentionally left unconnected so you can easily re-arrange them to create a new world whenever you want.

The variants each have their own unique building and major structures: the small Theatre, the large Ampitheatre; and the extensive Hippodrome.

There are no specific recreations of actual buildings but I have referred to many references as well as photos I took during visits to Herculaneum, Pompeii and other roman sites.

This is a simple 700 piece set, limited to 12 colours across 86 brick types with no printed bricks; encouraging builders to create their own small worlds. It has three build variants, each of which uses all 700 pieces to create three unique sets, further encouraging you to come up with your own designs.

In total this would include 36 different builds based on 8x8 plates, each using between 36 to 84 blocks.

In addition the variants rewards those who buy multiple sets with the chance to create a sprawling miniature Roman style settlement with lots of interesting details.

Enjoy creating your own worlds!

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