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City Square Christmas Tree


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I went looking through past Lego products looking for a large Christmas tree, but couldn't find one, so I designed this. The tree is mostly made of flat plates stacked and overlapped on each other to make a sturdy, but tree-like product. It stands approximately 12 inches (30 cm) high, and 6.5 inches (16 cm) in diameter. Santa and the gifts have been added for size comparison. The tree and it's decorations are made up of 1,669 pieces. Santa and the presents add 13 more pieces.

I designed this because I was looking for a "large" Christmas tree to make some Christmas scenes with. There are some great trees in other Lego products, but nothing that could take center stage. I wanted something that would be like the Rockefeller Christmas tree for the Lego world. This is that tree. It can stand on it's own (literally and figuratively), or can be a great addition to any Lego city or world.

Please support if you like it, and maybe it'll come out in time for next Christmas!

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