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Brickton Postal Service

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"Forgot to ship a package? Not a problem! Head over to Brickton Postal service for all your shipping and packaging needs. Need to weigh and size a box? Use our weighing station for free. Having trouble sending a package through the mail, or have lost a package? Head upstairs to our offices and we'll sort everything out for you. Need to check on the progress of your item? We'll have inventory check for you."

Brickton Postal Service is the complete "package". Including 7 Minifigures, 3 separate floors, and so many boxes! The first floor features a front counter for shipping mail, a private lock box wall, a weighing station, and mail chutes. Head to the second floor which features the office space containing the secretary's desk and the Postmaster's office. As you reach the third and final floor you will discover the package inventory space featuring the head archiver's desk and the entire selection of packages ranging from large to small.

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