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Artist's Studio


It is based on my studio apartment that is full of paints , drawing and painting sets and small toys including soft toys . I paint and I draw and I consider myself as an artist . I also love Lego and collect mini figures and some small sets but only the ones I like :)


I wanted to make an artist's studio with a lot of new Lego accessories that I would love Lego to create .


They could have the stickers like I did or made new printed bricks which I have seen they have done for some Lego ideas set they released .


This set is ideal for any artist, aspiring artist and art lover :)


There are some art posters loosely drawn by heart from Frida Kahlo , cezanne, matisse , Van Gogh and Klimt . 

- a real Lego ruler from an actual Lego set and I made two more longer rulers . 

- some blank canvases

-an easel with a printed canvas that shows a still life painting of the table with the glass , milk box and pineapple that is on the shelf

- lots of paint jars and inks 

-lots of painting and drawing sets

- an artist's sketchbook 

- 4 soft toys animals 

-2 cups 

- a chocolate bar 

- a pair of scissors 


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