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Old Town Hall (Modular Building)


This gothic town hall is modelled after old buildings in central Europe, especially the town hall of Muenster in Germany.


At the first floor there's a gift shop where the cool tourist information guy sells miniature town halls in different colors. Also, there's the statue of a guard who watches something under the steps (you'll never guess what it is).

At the second floor there's a meeting of the city council. The kooky new mayor, Brigitte Loreley, is holding a ferocious speech. Notice the Golden Key to the City, displayed in the hall.

In the attic there seem to be some strange ghosts. And spiders, of course. And there's a chest with medieval weapons.


In front of the building, under the archway, sits a beggar. No, wait - is he really a beggar?

Behind the building, notice the first Lego bicycle stands (of course, in Europe, not only the green-party city council members ride by bike into town!). Unfortunately, at the back entrance, the architect left a nasty corner where dogs like to pee.

Outside the second floor you may still see some war damage at the building which is poorly restored.

At one side of the building, there's the first part of a Bridge of Sighs that can lead into another building later (at the moment used as a balcony).


The building can be divided into four parts (first floor, second floor, attic, rooftop).

It's the perfect medieval centre for your modular town!