Product Idea

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Nook's Cranny



Thank you so much everyone who made this happen, thanks to those who shared and helped it hit front page on reddit, thank you to the 11 gaming news sites that featured this project in articles and thank you every single of you Animal Crossing fans who like me would love a Lego Animal Crossing!

just a little side by side of Nook's Cranny!

Last update on the building


just one final update on the main building, taking on board some of the feedback

i havent done any of the decals on these images (you can see them below however)



Thank you again for the support we have hit 9k in less than a month we are now in the home stretch all thanks to you guys the Lego and Animal Crossing communities

interior update


just a small update on the interior to hopefully make it a little less plain inside 

Updated Image


just a new image with the new figures 



another milestone and another chance for me to say thank you,

Thank you for the continued support on our way to the magic 10k



we are on day 3 and we have hit 4k! thank you to everyone so far, we only need 6k please share this around and lets see if we can hit that magic number 

Timmy and Tommy Nook


Thanks to user @yesthatbookshelf for pointing out the panda head, i was able to use that for Timmy and Tommys head, its just a rather rough paint over of the head but i think it should get the idea across  

Featured on Nintendo soup


Another site that I frequently visit is Nintendo soup so it was met with huge excitement that I found out my project has been featured there as well


Nintendo soups article