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Animal Crossing New Horizons: Nook's Cranny


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Nook's Cranny is upgraded and ready for business, as a fan of Animal Crossing i have wanted to do a build from the game i have seen a lot of house builds from the game so i have decided to do Nook's Cranny to shake things up a bit, the build features an interior, i tried to get it as close to the game as possible but due to size i have had to move some things around, however i believe it captures the spirit 

I want to include 3 minifigures
- Boy villager 
- Tommy
- Timmy
I didnt have the parts needed to make Timmy and Tommy so it may not be possible without new moulds but who knows

the set is just under 1000 parts

i hope you like this project and hopefully we can get to 10k votes to have an offical animal crossing set!