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Creator: Inanimate Objects Edition

The Creator line is a great idea, especially to help expand the imagination of Children- even adults, but I fear that the theme is lacking in variety apart from Vehicles, Buildings and Animals.

So how about one which makes a variety of Household Objects?

Alarm Clocks, Letterboxes, Refrigerators, Stoves, the booklet could be split into sections of your basic house and features instructions for 4-6 objects per room; or perhaps even 4-6 variations of each Inanimate Object chosen to feature. Across a selection of around 500-600 pieces of varying shapes and colours there's an endless amount of ideas for Inanimate Objects!

With each build of varying sizes, the idea is for these to be used to help educate younger children with new words, as well as building techniques- as well as the point of expanding the possibilities of what can be made out of Lego for people of all ages.

Some ideas include:
Clocks - Cuckoo, Alarm, Digital or Wall et al
Ovens - Built-In, Stove-top, BBQ or smaller variation et al
Beds - King, Queen, Single, Bunk, Hammock, Canopy et al
Chairs - Couch, Armchair, Recliner, Rocking et al
Appliances - Blender, Mixer, Hair Dryer, Television, PC, Vacuum, Microwave et al
Furnishings - Hat Stand, Coffee Table, Wardrobe, Chandelier et al

For more of our Inanimate Object Ideas:

We hope you enjoy our idea and thank you in advance for your consideration for support!

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