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Brickheadz Like Me

This is my project called brickheadz like me. It is a range of brickheadz whom have disabilities or look different Starting from the left there is a wheelchair user, then there is a neuro diverse female with the autism infinity symbol on her shirt (she represents me), then is a female with vitiligo, a male non sighted person with his guide dog, and a female with one lower limb. I built this lego set because it is so rare to find a toy that looks like me or represent my community. This would make a great lego set because it would help people whom look or behave differently to be represented more fairly in the world of toys so that there is no longer stigma surrounding disability. I believe this set could be used to educate as well as be a toy for all. It would be wonderful to have an inclusive range of lego so that we all can have a toy that represents ourselves.

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