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Porco Rosso


Porco Rosso may be one of the lesser-known Studio Ghibli movies to grace the West, but it is still a fun, High-flying adventure straight from the creative mind of Miyazaki.

Porco Rosso takes place in a fictional, post-WWI Italy, where Air Pirates roam the skies, fearing only one man, er, pig.  This particular model is based off Porco Rosso's second plane, after his first is shot down by his rival Curtis.  On it, you can see the improved engine as well as the compartment for Fio, who is going to come along with him whether he likes it or not.  This particular plane, while very similar to some, is not based off any real-life model.  While this may seem like a downfall to serious aviation collectors, to the average Lego and aviation fan, this is the opportunity to get something that is truly unique and unlike any other plan in the world.  It looks interesting, with the high-set motor and the Italian flair, as well as the second compartment and detail cockpit.  Its a wonderful addition to any collection, either solely as an airplane or a part of Studio Ghibli history.

I hope you love this as much as I do!  If you're a Studio Ghibli fan, head on over to my other projects. I think you might find something you like ;)

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