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The Secret of Monkey Island - The Scumm Bar

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Lego Scumm Bar Updates

I want to be a Lego mighty pirate for next Christmas!

I'd like to wish happy Christmas and happy New Year to everyone! And thanks for all your votes and support! My projects are not perfect, I know...I'm just a huge Monkey Island fan and I'd like to see my favourite game ever in Lego form, so I tried to do my best. I hope you appreciate at least the idea and the good will :)


Rendered images and three new Lego Monkey Island set

It's your chance to support the Scumm Bar and the new Lego Monkey Island projects in one time and contribute to make this real! You just need to love only the idea, because they are not the definitive projects.

Once a project is chosen to become a set, the Lego set designers team designs the final Lego Model. So, if you love Monkey Island, please take your time to support, it only takes a minute!

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge - Elaine's Mansion

The Secret of Monkey Island - Stan's Shop

The Secret of Monkey Island - Carla's House

Look only the update page!!!

Guys, don't look the main image and the description page, but just the updates!! It's My first Lego Ideas project so I was a little inexperienced! There are some big improvements and rendered images. And remember that, even if your don't like very much the project but your love the idea, there is a Lego team ready to work on it if the Scumm Bar reach 10.000 supporters. So, please support and contribute to make the Scumm Bar a real thing!

Lego Monkey Island sets

Do you have already seen the Scumm Bar improvements on the Updates page? I hope you like it :)

In the meantime, I made another two Lego Monkey Island sets, so please have a look and support them if you like:

Stan's Shop
Carla's House

Scumm Bar

Stan's Shop

Carla's House

Lego Monkey Island: Scumm Bar's improvements and the Stan's shop

I've completed a work reducing the Scumm Bar's size, I added the Loom pirate and I rendered LeChuck blue. I also realized another Lego set based on Monkey Island: the Stan's shop . And one other is coming... :)

The Scumm Bar, a new LeChuck version and 2 new projects LucasArts

These are the best images of Lego Monkey Island. I hope you like it. Please, take a look at my other projects: 

Lego Monkey Island - Stan's Previously Owned Vessels:

Lego Maniac Mansion (adaptation)

LeChuck ghost pirate



2000+ Supporters!!!

Thanks to every single supporter!!! Keep it up!!!

Lego Scumm Bar on Facebook and Twitter!

LEGO Scumm Bar Video and image collection

Check out the LEGO Scumm Bar Video and the image collection :)


The kitchen, the seagul and the loose plank

The kitchen is smaller, we added a seagull and a loose plank.

The Scumm Bar

This is a representation of how the Scumm Bar could be with the sign sticker.

Carla, the Sword Master

"If your brother's like you, better to marry a pig."

Captain LeChuck

"It's days like this that make ye glad to be dead"


Image set of Lego Scumm Bar

1000!!! GROG, GROG, GROG!!!

We reached 1000 supporters!!!

I thank every one of you for supporting the Lego Scumm Bar project and for the great interest that you showed to it. I never thought that we find so many Monkey Island's fans. Amazing!

It's my first Lego Ideas project. In fact, the initial project and the first images sucks :P Fortunately, then I improved them :)

Anyway...thank every one who left a comment and a support. It means a lot to me! A big thanks to the sites, blogs, Facebook and Twitter pages that decided to share my Scumm Bar. They're too much to put all the links, so I put just a few links:

Monkey Island Fb fan page 1
Monkey Island Fb fan page 2

Let Gamers Unite Twitter page

Adventure Game Hub Twitter page

Albino Game Twitter page 
RetroGaming Twitter page 
Kotaku UK 
Gizmodo UK 
HD Blog 
Mondo Nerd 
Adventure's Planet 
Monkey Island World 
The Gaming Ground 
PC Games Hardware 
Gamig Gadgets 
La Fortaleza de Chuck 
Tom's Guide 
Retro Gamer 

and many others...
I can`t thank you enough, mates!

Now, we need to spread the word! So, to get more supporters and reach the target of 10,000, share the link anywhere you can, like Twitter (I'm on Twitter), Facebook, Google+, etc.!


Look behind you! A three-headed monkey!


ASK ME ABOUT LOOM!! 900!!! Now I want 1000 for the official LEGO comment!!!


You fight like a dairy farmer!

And we're 800!!! I'm starting to see 1000... :D


The Governor Elaine Marley

"Oh, Threepwood...Oh, Guybrush...Sugar boots!" Today, the Governor Elaine Marley!!

Elaine Marley

WE'RE 700!!

Aye mighty pirates!! We are 700 supporters!!! GROG GROG GROG!!!

Guybrush Threepwood, mighty pirate!

I'm Guybrush Threepwood, mighty pirate!

Guybrush Threepwood


600 supporters!!! Yay!!!

Again, you're guys are amazing!!!

Keep spreading the word!!!

Special Supporter

We have a special supporter on Twitter: Tim Schafer :)

Scumm Bar 3.5

Lego Scumm Bar on Facebook!

You can find news about the Lego Scumm Bar also on Monkey Island facebook page


500 SUPPORTERS!!! +100 in less than 24h!!! AMAZING!!!


After only 24h we have reached 400 supporters!!!

Guys, you're amazing!!!! Thanks everyone!!!!


I think I finally found the right hair for Guybrush :)

Carla, the master of swords

I replaced Largo with Carla, the master of swords. I hope you like them! :)


WOW!! 300 supporters!!
Thank you all!!!
So...when 400 supporters? :D

Lego Scumm Bar on Twitter!

Scumm Bar 3.0

Support and share!

Come on guys, don't be idle :) We have more than 7000 views and only 250 supporters! We need your support!

Support and share! :D

Scumm Bar 3.0

Scumm Bar 3.0

Scumm Bar 3.0

Introducing myself

Hi everyone! My name's Alessandra, I'm italian and I'm a big fan of both Monkey Island and the famous LEGO bricks. How many of you think that the adventure games's characters could be adapt in a representation in the LEGO brick form? Why no one has ever tried yet?

Well, here I am taking care of it :) I choose the Scumm Bar because I believe is one of the most iconic scenery of Monkey Island, and also I think it's well suitable to be converted into a LEGO set. I could have chosen LeChuck's pirate ship, but LEGO is plenty of pirate ships, so I thought I'd never be able to create one at least comparable with one of those.

What can we do in order to have a Scumm Bar copy at home? SUPPORT AND SHARE!!!

Another important thing: keep an eye on the Updates tab! We're improving the Scumm Bar with new details!In the next days I'll post the images :)

Scumm Bar 2.5


  • Unstable board
  • Knife in the hand's chef
  • Turkey

Scumm Bar 2.5

Scumm Bar 2.5

Scumm Bar 2.0

Scumm Bar 2.0 - The Characters

Scumm Bar 2.0

Game vs LEGO - Part 3

Game vs LEGO - Part 2

Scumm Bar 2.0

Game vs LEGO

It's not exactly the same, but is very similar...don't you? :)

Scumm Bar 2.0

High resolution images

Click on the link to see the high-res images:

Scumm Bar 1.5 - Another rendered Image

Scumm Bar 1.5 - Rendered Images

Scumm Bar 1.5


  • roof
  • chairs


  • seagull


The Scumm Bar 1.0

This is just a preliminary version of The Scumm Bar. We're working to improve it, so stay tuned! ;)