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Mini Light House Model

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This was a contest entry from a previous Lego Ideas contest. Just putting it up for fun

(This video was from the contest and is my first animation I ever made in blender, so please excuse the bad lighting and background)

One of my favourite places to be is by the seaside. It's beauty never ceases to amaze me and I always find myself relaxed among the sounds of the waves and sea birds.
I've also always loved light houses because together with the sea, they make a truly majestic sight.
A dream vacation for me would be to spend a few weeks living in a light house by the sea, exploring caves and its treasures, along with fishing out on the water while enjoying a picnic. This would all be made ten times better if I could enjoy it all with my family and have a tropical drink melting in my hand.

This build contains 250 pieces and is almost 14 by 14 studs.

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