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Caribbean Governor's Office


This is a  Caribbean colonial governor's office of 17th century, also good for a pirates' playset or to be inserted in a larger modular building like a governor's mansion. The roof can be opened like a cover of a box, thanks to a hinge system. Redcoats stand guard at the door; the governor is sitting at his desk and he's reading some documents while drinking a cup of good wine.The office is very luxurious with refined wood floors and you can see an harpsichord, a fireplace, .a pendulum clock and other stuff. A map of the land is behind the governor's desk (not accurate as I would it to be, due to the lack of choice  in Lego Digital Designer). The garden has a beautiful fountain, flowers, palm trees and the building is protected by batteries of cannons. Please, support my project if you like it and give me suggestions for any enhancement. Thanks!

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