Product Idea

Godzilla vs Kong (Battle Pack Project)

Godzilla vs Kong (Battle Pack Project)

Godzilla (with changeable spikes and red power armor)
Kong (with battle axe)
3 more Titans (Camazotz, Nozuki, and a Skull Crawler)

*Based on the new 2020 movie.* 

Godzilla and Kong, these 2 massive Titans have been around for centuries, making a huge mark in the monster movie industry. They've become 2 of the most iconic movie characters in cinema history, and with the next movie installment into the Monster-verse "Godzilla vs Kong" what better way to celebrate it but with a New LEGO set (Project)! I believe this would be the next big idea for LEGO because they've never had anything like this. This set would be a perfect way to introduce Godzilla and Kong to LEGO fans of all ages. And with your support, we could make this happen! So please go support this set if you really want it to become a reality! All help is very much appreciated! 

all rights got to - Legendary Studios and Toho Studios (Monster-verse)