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      Hi everyone :)

     Let me show you my first project .This is a replica of a ZIS-5. At first just a little bit about its history. It was 1 of the most important car in USSR from 1933 to 1970. This vehicle had a load capacity of 3 tons. It was based on Henry Fords cars.When I was reading book about vehicles history, I saw this car there. Then I read its history, and its reminded me to do a lego set. Very long time I did not now in what color I should do it, but in the end I did it in red color. I think, if my idea will become a real lego set, people won`t forget about vehicles history. People won`t forget that cars that we can see today, a long time ago looked like this.

     I will be very happy if you vote my project :) 


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