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Lamborghini Research Facility


Lamborghini research facility: Air tunnel and Dyno test.


Air tunnel: This air tunnel has a moving fan, see through windows with data, and white walls with blue stripes with data also. It has an opening door and moving fan, and a deck where you can stand things on. Air tunnels are funnels where you put a car and steam, gas or smoke is put on with the fan moving. It shows the aerodynamics and downforce of the car.


Dyno test: this is a test where you put a car on wheels and strap it down. Then you put it in gear and drive normally, but you are only spinning the dyno wheels. The model has a window with data, chalkboard and screen with data, and a control panel, all with the same color scheme as the wind tunnel.

I hope you enjoy my models, and also it comes with the car, a Lamborghini Countach.

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