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Sprint Car 6


This is the sixth in a series of sprint cars. This car, including the others, are proficiently detailed and sturdy. I built this because I have loved sprint cars ever since I went to my first sprint car race at the Placerville Speedway.

The fin on the sprint car actually makes the sprint car go faster. The fin and "roof" make a larger downshift, which makes them go faster. The sprint car can go 190mph, and has 950 horsepower. That's amazing! and fast! This includes:

  • a white and orange sprint car
  • 1 minifigure
  • opening roof on the sprint car
  • easy to open doors
  • detailed car
  • adjustable fin on sprint car
  • accurate to the real sprint cars

Please support this, if you like it, the only way it can be made into a set is if you support it.

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