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Mountain House


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The mountain house
This set represents a very beautiful mountain house, despite the few elements inside it is very spacious. It is a house of about pieces. The project manages to attract attention thanks to the windows on the front and back walls. The chalet is based on brown. My project is valid for all ages: it is playable for children but also for adults. I decided to do this set because I love mountain houses and also because as a child I went for a holiday; this chalet in my opinion is the best: it has a kitchen, a table, a fireplace and a sofa (in the ground floor), then, you reach the first floor through the stairs, arrived, you will find the bed. In the house there is also the presence of two characters: the male dressed in jeans and checked shirt, the female, instead, dungarees and braids. In my set there is a part of the mobile roof that opens and closes according to your own pleasure, however, it can be from exposure to the "glazed" walls. My project is not difficult to build, on the contrary, it is very difficult not to have fun during the design phase. My set has some news. a cupboard in the kitchen area that contains gilded glasses and goblets instead of stool chairs, a fireplace and a sofa.

This could be a story to play with

The two married men wake up early in the morning to go for a walk at high altitude, it's time to go home where a beautiful hot chocolate awaits them to be enjoyed in front of the fireplace sitting on the couch. It's time to go to bed while waiting for a new day.


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