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Laser Jet

This is my my Laser Jet, my 3rd Lego Ideas project to date.
It’s a minifig-scale 2-seater jet with dual laser cannons and, as you can see, a lot of metallic silver.
Inside it has two built up seats (one for the pilot and one for a co-pilot or green-faced passenger), control sticks and the all-important coffee cup, but with a lid on it for obvious reasons. There’s also some luggage space behind the co-pilot seat. On either side of the cockpit there is a large laser cannon, useful for taking out bad guys and maybe heating up your coffee (if you’re careful). Under the wings there are some vtol propulsion thingies in the form of 4 trans-orange inverted plates, and at the back there’s a big ol’ jet engine. It also comes with 2 minifigs, a pilot and a co-pilot.
I am very proud of this and hope you will support my project. To 10,000!
-2 seats
-Dual laser cannons
-Extra luggage space
-Lots of metallic silver pieces
Length: 24cm (30 studs) 
Width: 19.2cm (24 studs) 
Height: 6.4cm (6 2/3 bricks)
Piece count: 157
Ages: ~6 – ~99
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