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Medieval Arts; Weavers Cottage


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A Medieval Weaver was an essential part of the community. Her work would give the townsfolk Clothing and blankets, Tapestries and draperies. Her tasks would range from spinning the wool into thread, to dyeing the threads and cloth, as well as weaving the threads into the various clothes and textiles needed.


This project is designed to fit well into any of the medieval themed play sets that Lego has created; past, present or future. It can be added to Knights, Kingdoms, Castle, Lord of the Rings or Hobbit sets without any problem. 


Interior design has a stone paved floor, and a sleeping loft. With a small table for the weaver to eat at, a movable spinning wheel and stool, plus 2 scones for candles or torchlight. While the exterior has a simple stone path and work area for dyeing the cloth. 


The accessories include:

  • 2 female minifigures:  A weaver and a town peasant.
  • Tools of the trade: Spinning wheel, drop spindle, box of finished dyed cloth or threads, barrel of red "dye"  with red cape, and a drying rack that can also be a large loom.
  • A small table with plate and cup. A ladder to the sleeping loft, a small bed in the loft, 2 sconces with fire, and a small stool that can be moved around the cottage. 

This set has approximately 260 pieces, not including the stone paving dots. It is set on a 32x32 base, but could easily be modified to smaller base-plates. 


Thoughts or input appreciated, please leave comments and support! Check out my other projects as well. 


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