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Duel on Mustafar


Hi guys, this is my new project, Duel on Mustafar. It is a model of when Anakin and Obi Wan fight. The battle takes place on the planet Mustafar. Anakin turns to the dark side and fights Obi Wan. Lava is spurting everywhere while they are fighting. Eventually Obi Wan gets the high ground and chops off Anakin's legs. It is one of my favorite fighting scenes in Star Wars. I built this model because I love Star Wars. I love this fight scene and it is very entertaining to watch. Lego has already come out with a set of this scene but this is a smaller and cheaper version of it. This set comes with cool minifigures. It has Anakin Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobi, and a Mustafar mining droid. Any other Star Wars fans like me would definitely buy this set. I think that this would make a great Lego set. Please support my project!  

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