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Bud Spencer's Dune Buggy


My idea is to realize a child-hood hero known from television. It is Bud Sencer together with Terence Hill with their Dune-Buggy. A beach-buggy used in one of their movie called "Zwei wie Pech und Schwefel".

I created a very simplified model of the buggy, I think there can be more details added oder better fitting parts for the final design chosen, but it is the idea here to let Bud and Terence be part in the teenagers living rooms and let their movie heros come to lego-life. Pictures of the buggy can be found on the i-net if necessary for comparing.

Maybe there can be full-suspension added and a visible engine block at the lower back side of the car to make it more realistic.

For me it was always a wish to have the change to play with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill and as the made a big amount of movies I would also bring up a wild-west scene as an Idea to realise. Maybe the Face from Bud Spencer could be designed for a better fit to the real person


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