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Diver And Tiger Shark

Tiger sharks (Galeocerdo cuvier) are a species of shallow water shark, most identifiable by their dark gray stripes. Also known as the "garbage cans of the sea", they will famously eat just about anything, from a suit of armor to car license plates. They are one of the larger species of shark, growing as long as 15ft. Tiger sharks are known to be one of the more aggressive species, more so than great whites (Carcharodon carcharias).

Here I have made an approximately 1/14th scale model of a tiger shark, with a diver swimming next to it. The base for the set is a kelp forest, with multiple hidden animals within. This includes multiple fishes, a couple of rays, a sheepshead wrasse, a big fin reef squid, shrimp, and some crabs.
While I did use hinges to make the shark's body curved, only the last part of the tail is actually posable. However, the diver's head, arms, and legs are posable.

I very much enjoy building ocean-related models, so I guess I built this set because of that.
I think that this would make a great set because it could help portray sharks in a less villainous light, and raise awareness for their conservation (tiger sharks are currently listed as Near Threatened).

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