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Guardians of Zodiac


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After a great burst of energy in the multimillion-dollar Maxwell Enterprise, it became a random group of young men, the protectors of the world and the 12 powers, these form the Zodiac Guard.
In this large set of 1813 we have 15 mini figures (the Zodiac Guard, the Z-Guard and a skeleton),
the cave where the jewels were hidden and the z-guard's mobile base; Enter this fantastic adventure from the Guardins of Zodiac set.
Mixed with a drill the z-guard's mobile base is an amazing 460-piece vehicle, divided into drill and research base, where the whole team is transported; in the part of the base is divided into office and bottom, in Maxwell's office we have the desk and a bookcase with books on the 12 powers;
at the bottom is all the rest of the team, in this part we have the seats, the on-board computer (operated by Nicolas) and a compartment at the back where some jewels are stored and to store the rest of the jewels. This amazing vehicle plus the jewels in them make the adventure exciting and challenging for our heroes.
The cave is the great construction of this set, the icing on the cake, with 1181 pieces; plus the jewels and the bearer of the snake jewel, the cave was built so huge,
so that we have a scenario big enough for the children to play and venture to look for the hidden jewels, with this set at home the game becomes more cool and fun,
and for collectors a lego of 1812 pieces is a great acquisition of your collection.

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