Product Idea

Rietveld Design Chair

The Red-Blue Chair is Rietveld’s most famous piece of furniture. The first design of this chair dates back to 1917. With this lounge chair, Rietveld reduced the traditional armchair to 13 square-profiled battens, two armrests with a rectangular profile and two rectangular panels that form the seat and the back rest. As such, he stripped the traditional chair of its volume and emphasized functionality. Rietveld added the colors red, blue, yellow and black around 1923. Inspired by de Stijl with painters such as Piet Mondriaan, Rietveld painted the chair in those primairy colours. Some original chairs reside in museums such as MOMA (museum of modern art).

This chair really reflex the lego spirit with it's simple design and smart construction. The Lego version of the chair is also made up of 13 square profile beams, 2 armrests and 2 panels. I tried to stay true to the original construction so the beams are connected with pins like the wooden dowels in the original chair.

I think this will be a fun build and a nice object that can collected. It is also a great way to teach builders about design and art history.