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This is my roject of the HMMWV or short Humvee. Leave a comment if you want to see the military version (it will the same but with a gun turret and the Humvee will be desert colored).


I started by thinking it´s  important to make the Humvee good looking to be a collector´s item.

But it should be also not too complicatet to build and fun to play with. So it´s desgin isn´t quite hard to reproduce because the model use standard bricks. That´s also the reason why the model has no suspension or motor inside. But this makes the model cheaper.

Basically I used one base plate where also the wheels are mount. I also added two working doors in the vehicle, two side mirrors and four seats. For the details: the vehicle has spotlights on the front and the back, a antenna, a exhaust on the side and a little number plate on the back.

Thanks for checking out my project.

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