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The Summer Beach House


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The Summer Beach House

Come and spend a nice warm and relaxing day by the shore at the Summer Beach House!

About the Project

The Summer Beach House is filled with many, many details, on both the interior and exterior. There are three floors, two balconies, a patio with stairs, a beach in the back, boats, an outdoor shower, five minifigures (one being a baby figure), a dog, and a whole lot more!

The five minifigures make up a family including a father, mother, brother, sister, and baby. There are also multiple animals, including 2 crabs, 2 seagulls, a lobster, a dolphin, multiple spiders and a mouse in the attic, and the family’s dog.

The model is 3,000 pieces.

The first floor is decorated with an entry hall which is accessible from the front door, a kitchen, a table with food, bathroom, and a family room with a couch, chair and a TV. There is a board game and playing cards for the kids to play while waiting for dinner and there are video game controllers and a remote for the TV. The kitchen is filled with cupboards, pots, pans, cups, and a fridge: everything needed to cook a meal. The table has bread and hot dogs for supper after a long day outside. After dinner, you can reach the second floor by climbing up the step ladder.

The second floor has four bedrooms all accessible by a hallway. There are also two washing machines near the beginning of the hall. On the left side of the hall, (farther from the beach) there is the parents' room with a mug, trophy and large bed. Next to it is the baby and dog’s room with a crib and dog bed. On the right side (closer to the beach), is the brother’s room filled with sailing pictures and a sailing wheel, a race track, and a regular bed. Lastly, the sister’s room has a wall of CDs, a guitar, and a bed similar to the brother’s. 

Above the second floor, is the attic. There isn't much detail on that floor, only a few boxes, spiderwebs, and critters.

Finally, outside the house are two balconies, one on the side of the house, and one in the back. The front patio covers two sides of the house, and includes rocking chairs and a table with flowers. The back has a dock and a small beach. The beach is decorated with a sand castle, many toys and trinkets, a message in a bottle, and much more detail. The dock has two canoes each with paddles, and a fishing boat with fishing materials and a book. 

Why did you build this and why would it make a great LEGO set?

I built this model because I enjoy going down to the beach during the summer, it is fun to spend days down by the shore, and it would be cool to convert that into LEGO bricks.
I also noticed that there aren’t a lot of large modular family houses or for that matter large beach houses. I know that there are a few of these houses by the shore and houses for a family that already exist, however, none that are over 1,000 or 2,000 pieces. This house would be a great opportunity to introduce a big house into LEGO. 

Another reason I believe this would make an excellent LEGO set is the detail. There is a lot of detail in this model on the inside and outside. This allows to be an amazing display piece (in my opinion), but it also allows it to be good for play 
The large intricate design of the house would be sure to impress family or friends. It could be displayed at home or even in the office. It would be a great piece to show off. However, the features, minifigures, and animals also allow you to play. There is a lot of stuff you can use in this model to let your imagination flow.


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