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Previously known as A Grade Stockcars, Superstocks are a premier class of New Zealand speedway (dirt track racing). Cars have strong roll cages designed to protect the drivers. Superstocks weigh 1400 to 1500 kg and are usually powered with modified V8 engines of up to 248 cubic inches. Contact between cars can be rugged and is intended as part of the class.

This car is not as strong as you would hope mainly because the wing on the top and the bar on the front are quite fragile. As this is my first project, i will willingly take in any feedback that comes my way and fix any problems that you point out.

The top wing is fairly easily removed, provided you take caution and pull the very bottom piece. If you look behind the front wheels, you will see the support bar that runs through the body, giving it a bit more strength. The rear wheel covers/guards are also removable.


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