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Alice in Wonderland - Mad Hatter's Tea Party

The third project in my Scenes from literature collection, and this ones from one of my favourite books. I love the absurdness of Alice in Wonderland and couldn't resist making at least one set based on it - be aware others may come along to join it.

The benefit of this set is depending on what people think such a scene would be worth allows for the size of it to be altered accordingly. I have littered the table with various cups, bottles and food based objects, but obviously this number could be reduced to suit the budget of the set.

No new moulds needed but some might be new colours of existing pieces.

Other food based pieces, such as apples, bananas and bread, could be added to the table, unfortunately LDD didn't allow these pieces to be placed onto bricks.
It doesn't show brilliantly well but there is also a 'rat' piece on the table to represent the dormouse character from the book.

Three mini figures for this set, Alice, The Mad Hatter (ideally he would need a print on the hat with a 10/6 label, as the series 9 minifigure Mr Good and Evil had print on the hat it should be possible) and The March Hare. The March Hare head is made using the mini figure series Bunny Guy hood but made in brown rather than white so still falls within the Cuusoo rules of no new moulds.

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