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Mori Detective Agency (Detective Conan)

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Detective Conan is my favourite manga series and being a fan of bricks and minifigs I built a Conan set that captures the spirit of the series:
- Mori Detective Agency (Shinichi, Ran)

Other ideas were the following, but will not be included in the set.
- Sleeping Kogoro (Conan, Kogoro, Megure)
- Detective Boys (Agasa, Ai, Ayumi, Genta, Mizuhiko)
- Black Company (Gin, Vodka)
- Kaito Kid (Kid, Nakamori, Sonoko)
Entirely missing are these:
- Policemen and Detective Inspectors (Takagi, Sato)
- Heiji (Heiji, Kazuha)
- FBI (Jodie, Akai, James)
Any recommendations and ideas how to integrate them are appreciated!

You can get a HiRes picture of Mori Detective Agency here.

Feel free to contribute by sharing your ideas in your comment or enhance the LDD models that you can download by clicking the links above.

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Maybe it is too much but adding Professor Agasa's car with the kids is one idea to make the set more attractive to younger teens.

The idea of Sleeping Kogoro, including Inspector Megure will (most likely) be dropped in the final set but serves as inspiration for cases and the revelations that can be build around this set.

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