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Insecticide Mobile HQ


Check out this video of the set's transformation process in action with this link:


The Insecticide Mobile Headquarters has been several years in the making. This set is my answer to the struggle between humans and insects that has gone on for centuries. 

But imagine if insects were hundreds of times bigger? Imagine a wasp the size of a school bus zipping over your head, or a slug as big as a freight car bearing down on you... an insect apocalypse! 

This set attempts to capture the battle that would ensue. Human's have been required to create a team to combat these formidable enemies: Insecticide.  Their ultimate weapon? The Insecticide Mobile HQ. It's complex transformation system allows for extreme versatility and a maximum amount of functions.  Equipped with insecticide laser guns, genetic testing labs, a recovery bay for injured soldiers, a small garage for a medical vehicle, and an escape zip-line, they have everything they need to take down their foes. Unfortunately, they are up against a gigantic slug, which can swallow anyone who stands in its way and turn them into pulp, and a humongous wasp, who's venomous stinger strikes fear into the bravest heart.

This Lego creation is extremely playable, and will capture the imaginations of people of all ages. Support today and make this the next Lego set!

Set includes: 

  • Transforming Insecticide HQ
    • With Medical Vehicle
  • 7 Mini-figures
  • Giant Wasp
  • Giant Slug


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