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Mecha Red Winged Angel

I am very fond of robots and since I was the child I had fun building robots of all kinds. Now I'm 16 years old and would like to see one of my projects approved and turned into a fantastic Lego product. It is my dream and I hope it will be true.
This Robot Angel needs 1111 bricks to be buildt. There should be two stickers placed on the wings. The left kanji is 天使 (Tenshi, Angel) and the right kanji is (Aka, red). On the head the kanji 不滅 (Fumetsu, immortal).
Inside of the head there's the Mecha's owner, Tatsumi. The Mecha's weapon is the Lance with 2 Blades.
All parts of its body except the head are articulated (the wings too).

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