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2016 Urban 4X4 Fire Truck


Presenting the 2016 Urban 4X4 Fire Truck, this unit is ready in case that wildfire gets too close to those homes build on the edge of the wilderness!  It is 4 wheel drive so back roads won't be a problem and is fully equipped with the gear this fire fighters needs to fight any wild fire.  There are hand tool (axe, shovel, broom, pry bar, sledge hammer, tool box, gas can, chain saw, valve wrench, life preserver, fire extinguishers and first aid kit.  There is also an air pack and fire helmet in case he has to help out at a house fire.

The hose bed is covered to protect it from embers and there are two hose reels to help fight the fire.  The rear of this unit has a fold down step and the front has a brush guard.

Thank you for your vote and I hope you enjoy another addition to the fire collection.

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