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Royal Chess Board


I've always admired the game of chess. As a child I enjoyed playing the game and watching others play as well. For the longest time, I'd wanted to build my own custom chess set, however, i had no idea how to approach the task of doing so. One late night, I came up with the brilliant idea to render a one-of-a-kind chess set on LDD, Lego's digital rendering software. The process of building this set was no easy task. i invested a total of 70 hours in designing and assembling all of the parts, colors, and pieces into a digital display of the finished product. I made each playing piece on the board as detailed and simple as i possibly could, so as not to complicate assembly time for the consumer. This is a very unique set, unlike any of the chess sets I've used and seen in my life. I am confident in the structural design of all of the pieces, so they wont come apart easily during play. I believe this should be an exciting set if it reaches the review process and i hope you think so as well. 

I thank you for your consideration of this idea,


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