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Popeye's Sailboat



     Popeye the Sailor Man is without a doubt the best cartoon ever! With his trusty spinach and pipe, he can do anything - even stop Bluto from kidnapping Olive Oil!

     We've all watched Popeye as a kid, so why not combine it with LEGO for a whole new experience?

     Minifigs in this set:




     -Olive Oil


     Some of the interesting features of this set is that while it is small, it would still be extremely fun for people of all ages to play with. Although many new peices would have to be designed or decaled there is no telling how much fun kids will have imagining Popeye and his crew sailing the seas, and adults would love to remenice about the good old days when black-and-white cartoons still played. 

     Popeye's chin would have to have it's own neck peice - I obviously couldn't make that in LEGO Digital Designer. His signature pipe could jut out of it (who could forget that?) and new arm/hand peices should be designed (everyone knows about his large forearms!).

     Everyone's face and torso decals must be designed, as well as Olive's shoes - again, the LDD version just isn't cutting it.

     Feel free to make some changes; I worked hard on this and want it to be as good as possible.

     I guess that's it. Please support!

     And as our favorite sailor would say, "Please go and support so that I don't fall short, 'cause I'm  Popeye the Sailor Man!