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Remote Naval Light Beacon


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An extended project based upon the previous RTG, was one of the uses for an RTG here.

Featuring in this 328 pieces project was a remote naval light beacon set atop a rocky outcrop in the middle of the ocean. In the same line for simple concept as the previous, the build was conceive to be an easy build. The RTG was sitting not attach to the rest of the structure with exception hook up cable, the beacon spherical hub can be open to allow changing of the bulb inside the hub.

In this case, the previous RTG was use as a power source to power the light at the top of the beacon. These are usually deployed in challenging remote regions(e.g the arctic) to allow naval navigation in these area as it poses a challenge even for solar charging let alone refuelling or lay power lines to these areas.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to place a single stud studless circular gauge piece in the lego digital designer that I use in my actual RTG build so I replace it with a single eye piece instead.

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