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Ninja Supercar Chase


A high-speed superhero chase! In his sleek black sports car, the orange Ninja superhero speeds after the Inverse Ninja on his hoverboard! Will the evil villain get away with the stolen crystal, or will justice be done?

This set features superheroes from a fictional superhero series my cousin and I are currently writing. This car does not relate to any particular story of ours, but I figure a superhero has to travel in style! And, of course, being a super-car, it has to have sweet features: two stud shooters mounted on the front, opening doors, and a hidden compartment in the back for Ninja's shurikens. Inverse Ninja also carries a gun mounted with a stud-shooter. Other accessories for this set include a turquiose katana, two golden shurikens, a transluscent orange crystal with a storage crate, ninja masks, and a turquoise hoverboard.

The inspiration for this model came when the Speed Champions series was first released. I wanted to build my own awesome car, so I tried again and again to make a black-and-orange Chevy Camaro-style model. However, my atempts did not turn out as good as I imagined, so I decided to not follow any particular model and instead make my own. The wheels themselves, although they might look like it, are not Speed Champions-style wheels. They are actually 2 studs wide, causing me no little difficulty in attaching them nicely, but the wheels themselves allowed me to use the special Speed Champions hub caps. But of course, with these odd wheels I had to improvise in place of wheel well pieces. 

As for the minifigures, both are custom-built with Ninjago masks. The Inverse Ninja features a glowing head beneath his mask, so his eye slit glows in the dark. The orange Ninja's head came off a Hydra soldier from the Avengers: Age of Ultron sets.

I believe this would make a great set for its unique pieces, condensed size but great details, and self-encompassing content. The ninjas are great figures to add to one's collection, and otherwise make fun characters for kids to add to their stories.

Finally, if this were to become a Lego set, I would first change the wheels to actual speed champion wheels (and maybe orange ones at that!). Secondly, the stud shooters mounted on the front are currently not very stable and the design needs to be improved. Third, I would add more space inside the car for ninja-like features, say hidden weapons, more projectiles, and both gold and silver shurikens (just because I love shuriken pieces). 

Thanks for considering my build, and feel free to support it and share it with your friends!

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