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FORD Raptor


Welcome to the LEGO FORD Raptor!

  About the Raptor

   The Raptor isn’t just about power. The truck’s iconic style is immediately recognizable. Following the lead of the all-new Ford F-150, the Raptor utilizes high-strength, military-grade, aluminum alloy in its body and bed. The weight savings and frame, purpose built for Raptor, improve both performance and capability. The next-generation Raptor is equipped with features allowing drivers to more easily navigate off road, a new standard torque-on-demand transfer case to better manage power distribution between the front and rear wheels, and the standard all-new Terrain Management System™ allowing drivers to easily optimize the driving dynamics of the Raptor to environmental conditions.

About the set

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The details of this model are,
    1) It uses 111 LEGO bricks
    2) Comes 1 minifigure

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s make this a real set!

   Thanks for your support, and if you have any tips or recommendations, please post a comment. I’d rather have your healthy criticism than have this project make it to the Review and get rejected.


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