Product Idea

Pizza Delivery

Pizza Delivery

Hello everyone!

I would like to present you with my take on Pizza Delivery truck.
Since the last one we had in 2002 (set 10036) and I really wanted to build something to go with my Pizza Delivery Man minifig (71007-11).
So here we are - hope you like this set and I would love your support!
Thank you for visiting my project and thank you for your time here!
Pizza Delivery set includes:
  • Pizza Delivery car (4 stickers)
  • Driver Gal (you can easily put Pizza Delivery Man (from minifig collection) there)
  • 6 takeout boxes of pizza (can be put inside the truck)
  • 2 pizzas (can also be pu inside the truck)
  • 1 bank bill (yeah -  people still pay money for pizza)
  • 1 alternate roof-holding piece (in case you dont want roof to be taken off so easily)

This set's colors are matching with Pizza Delivery Man from collectible minifigs.

Number of parts: 150  (plus sticker sheer with 4 stickers)

  • truck  -  134
  • minifig  -  4
  • accessories  -  11
  • alternate brick  -  1

Theme:  City                 Subtheme: Traffic                 Difficulty: easy